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       Jiaozuo xin machinery manufacturing co., LTDIs located in jiaozuo demonstration area,Was established2006Years,The registered capital of three thousand hundred thousands of roundness。Is the collection scientific research and development、The production and business operation、Services for the integration of engineering equipment large collectivize company。The company successively set up QianXi everbright、Shenzhen fierce tiger、Henan new multiple units,And has more than seventy direct sales offices and signing38An agent。The main products have concrete wet spraying trolley、Automatic feeding shotcrete、Pump type wet spraying machine、Wet spraying machine、Dry spray machine、Tide spray machine、Pneumatic rock drill、I iron curved arch machine、Eight steel forming machine、The cold bending machine、Steel bar cutting machine、Steel bar straightening cutting machine、Steel bar bending machine、Welding machine, etc。

HS600..2Wet spraying machine automatic feeding spray car video
HS700X2Simple video
How much is the slope protection of wet spraying machine
Slope revetment construction is the construction site and governance、To prevent fall or protective engineering of soil and water loss,Under normal circumstances,Slope protection needs to be set according to different situations of different construction technology。
Wet spraying machine which works?

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